Lifestreamers Kids’ Ministry

Helping Families Find and Follow Jesus

We are committed to developing a sense of love and belonging through community, with games, worship, activities, discussion, celebration and teaching. Leaders and kids “dive in” together, having fun, enjoying new discoveries and growing deep in faith.

Family Foreshore
Parent Room

On a Sunday, our Family Foreshore Parent Room is a quiet space to let your child/ren rest or sleep while you listen and watch the service via video feed. There are also facilities to allow you to feed or change your child/ren in privacy.

Water’s Edge

For children from 6 months until to Pre-Primary. In Water’s Edge we incite wonder and help children to find and follow Jesus with an interactive bible story, message, songs, games, activities and craft.

Discovery Cove
Primary School 

For Primary School children in Year 1 to Year 6. In Discovery Cove we explore and provoke discovery, helping children find and follow Jesus with fun, games, worship, an interactive message, videos, activities and small group discussion time.


In Children’s Ministry, our strategy to help families find and follow Jesus is:

BE PRESENT – Connect their faith to a community
CREATE A SAFE PLACE – Clarify their faith as they grow
PARTNER WITH PARENTS – Nurture an everyday faith
MAKE IT PERSONAL – Inspire their faith by your example
MOVE THEM OUT – Engage their faith in a bigger story

We know that in Children’s Ministry, we only have around 40 hours a year to speak into the lives of your children, while you at home have around 3000. So, to have the greatest impact, to love our kids well and point them to Jesus, we want to be intentional about partnering with you (families) in your role as the primary discipler of your kids.

We want to equip you as well as we can by:

  • Growing relationships between leaders and families to partner well together.
  • Being clear on what is being taught, so that discussions are continued, repeated and messages reinforced throughout the week.
  • Providing great resources and spaces for children and families to learn and grow.
  • Connecting families to the programs and community at Lifestreams so that you can play a part in the journey of other families too.

The Story Behind the Names…

As a church we see water, particularly rivers and streams to be really important metaphors in describing who we are and where we’re heading. In Family Foreshore we see family picnics on the sand where our little babies are introduced to the stream of living water while being cuddled and reassured they are safe. When our babies grow up a little they venture across the sand to the Water’s Edge, engaging with the world around them, dipping their toe into the river, splashing and wading in the water. All of a sudden our babies grow to kids, they begin to swim, explore and dive into Discovery Cove with their friends.