Men love hanging out with their mates, doing things together and helping people. They are created to have a sense of adventure and courageously tackle life. At LCC we love to provide a variety of opportunities for this to happen.

Some of the ways we connect men are:

The Shed

Our Shed provides a facility for you to build, hammer, paint, use power tools or generally hang out in a sawdust and turpentine laden environment.  Not everyone has access to a workshop these days, but there’s a place for anyone at our Shed. Contact the church office 9313 1600 or email.
Click Here to go to The Shed page.


A gathering for all the boys and men at LCC. Manspace is a night where you can expect to connect with men of all ages in a relaxed environment, enjoy some food, have a drink, have a laugh, share stories and be inspired. To find out when the next MANSPACE is click here.


An informal monthly gathering around a barbeque to share time and stories in a safe environment. MANSPACE BBQ is known for honest and sometimes raw moments not occurring in other situations. To find out when the next MANSPACE is click here.


Kayaking, camping, fishing, basketball, tennis, other sports… no matter what you do, it’s likely there will be others at Lifestreams South Perth for you to join with.

Life Groups

These are smaller groups that happen before work in the morning or at night, where men can share together and fan the flame on each other’s faith.


David Stanford is the point of contact for men. He’ll put you in touch with someone with similar interests.
For more info contact David at the church office on 9313 1600 or email him.