Welcome to Mum Club.

In this beautiful rollercoaster ride called motherhood, we want to connect with YOU. We want to get to know YOU. We want to support YOU. Let’s hang, drink hot coffee and for once finish the conversations we start … while the kids are being looked after by our lovely volunteers.

Let’s be real, raising kids is the best hard work we’ll ever do and it’s a heck of a lot sweeter when we do it together.
So, let’s do it!
Let’s be confident,
full of belief,
encouraging love,
helping out,
and spurring each other on.

We’re calling it what it is; best friggin’ mothers group out!

Here are the deets:
Wednesdays fortnightly
Lifestreams Christian Church
BYO kid(s) as well as their morning tea, hat and sunscreen!

We invite you to join the club (if you’re a Mum, then you’re already in)

For more information and term dates please check us out on Facebook

or email Alicia Vandepeer at aliciavandepeer@gmail.com

#morethanmums #inclusivemotherhood”