Finding and Following Jesus

It’s rare to have un-interrupted time alone with God. retreat-960-720Our retreats are designed to allow you to intentionally set aside time to truly be still. It is in this stillness that we will find that God will speak, often profoundly to each one of us.

Spiritual Retreats provide the space for you to receive teaching on spiritual formation and to create the time to put this into practice. We explore disciplines with which Jesus himself richly engaged. Our retreats focus on the following topics:

SR1: Solitude & Silence

SR2: Simplicity

SR3: Sabbath

Retreats are held at locations within 90minutes travel from Perth, and include two nights accommodation. The cost is $75 per person, or $55 for retirees or students, which covers food, accommodation and resources.

To register your interest contact Matt Sonsee.